● In May 2012, the project was approved and started.

● In August 2012, AIREP team participated in the first innovation and entrepreneurship competition in China, and was selected in the list of the top 20 in China.

● At the end of 2012, the denitrification catalyst production line was completed and put into operation.


● In January 2013, it was formally approved by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce.

● Catalyst products had been successfully put on the market and have been applied to projects of many power plants and chemical plants, with stable and normal operation.

● A dioxin removal catalyst for garbage-burning power plants was developed.

● The denitrification demonstration project of the ship industry was carried out with Shanghai Maritime University.


● The SCR denitrification catalyst production line was expanded to 3,000 m3/ year. Catalysts with hole types ranging from 25 holes, 30 holes and more were put into mass production.

● A mobile denitrification and dioxin removal device was developed together with Tsinghua University New Pollutants Research Group and successfully applied to Jinan Guangda Garbage-burning Power Plant.


● The high temperature molecular sieve denitrification catalyst and system solution were developed.

● A mobile denitrification and dioxin removal device was developed together with Tsinghua University New Pollutants Research Group and successfully applied to Jinan Guangda Garbage-burning Power Plant.

● A mobile exhaust gas testing device was developed and applied to several engineering projects.

● Rong Weilong, the general manager of the company, was selected as the candidate of the Zibo High-level Talents Plan.


● The market share in denitrification projects of domestic glass kilns has been increasing.

● Several distributed energy denitrification system projects have been completed and put into operation effectively, and nitrogen oxides have reached ultra-low (near-zero) emission standards.

● It was approved to be the municipal enterprise R&D center.

● It won the second prize of the Zibo Science and Technology Progress Award.


● A number of performance breakthroughs have been achieved in segmented non-electricity industries of chemical engineering, glass, steel pickling, waste incineration, distributed energy, gas engine,、。, etc. In the same year, more than 300 projects were completed successfully.

● The high temperature denitrification catalyst developed for high temperature denitrification has been produced in mass and applied to projects.

● It was approved to be Zibo internal combustion engine denitrification engineering laboratory.


● The standardized reform of modern enterprises was completed and it was listed on the board for the excellent enterprise of Qilu Equity Trading Center.

● It was approved to be the national high-tech enterprises.

● It was approved to be the municipal engineering technology research center.

● Catalyst with high specific surface area was successfully developed and put into mass-production.

● A supply contract of denitrification catalyst was signed with Royal Thai Petroleum.


● The research, development and application of key technologies in the whole life cycle of high-efficiency coal and gas denitrification catalyst won the first prize of Jiangsu Science and Technology.


● The company was selected for the list of gazelle enterprises in Zibo City.

● Director of R&D center was selected as the candidate for Zibo Talents Plan.

● It won the title of honour of China cement denitrification pioneer supplier.

● A production line for coating catalysts was built.

● The bid for the flue gas denitrification project of six gas turbines in Weizhou Site of CNOOC was awarded.


● The bid for the catalyst supply contract of the integrated project of high temperature dust removal and denitrification of the first 5000T cement kiln in China was awarded.

● The CO-SCR denitrification catalyst developed by the company was successfully applied to the denitrification and carbon reduction project in Shandong Haihua and achieved the desired results.

● AIREP Shandong Catalyst Purification Technology (Nanjing) Co., Ltd. was established and a thin-walled corrugated catalyst carrier production line has been built.


● It is approved to be state-level technologically advanced “small giant” enterprises.

● It is awarded as the bid winner of the bid for the customized low temperature catalyst of cold rolled annealing furnace of Ansteel Group Lianzhong Stainless Steel Corporation, and was listed in the list of suppliers.

● The denitrification upgrade project of the 180 T/h gas-fired boiler in Wulanchabu City Magnificent Brilliance New Materials Co., Ltd. was undertaken, delivered and accepted.