Pioneering and enterprising, pursuing excellence, Aiyipu Environmental Protection won the honor

Jan 06,2021


On November 26, the 2020 "Polaris Cup" Flue Gas Control Influential Enterprise Award Ceremony was grandly held at the Beijing West World Trade Hotel. Many experts and business representatives from the flue gas control industry chain participated in the grand event.

This selection is co-sponsored by Polaris Environmental Protection Network and Polaris Atmospheric Network. In an open, transparent, objective and fair voting method, outstanding enterprise representatives emerging in the development of my country's flue gas control industry in 2020 will be selected.


In the fierce competition, Shandong Aiyipu environmental protection technology joint stock company stood out among many enterprises with its high-quality service level and good corporate reputation, and won the "Influential Enterprise of Flue Gas Treatment Equipment Parts".

Aiyipu Environmental Protection was established in 2012, focusing on the treatment of flue gas nitrogen oxides in non-electrical industries. It is a national high-tech enterprise with R & D, production and denitrification system integration of denitrification catalysts. The main business is SCR denitrification catalyst production; flue gas denitrification system design and integration; high-temperature dust removal and denitrification integrated products and equipment, etc. The existing production line has an annual output of 3000m3 honeycomb denitrification catalysts, 1000m3 coated catalysts, 300,000 square meters of high-temperature dust removal metal filter cartridges, and a capacity of 100 sets of flue gas monitoring and denitrification systems. At present, more than 1,000 denitrification projects have been completed in the fields of cement, glass, chemical industry, internal combustion engine, ships, distributed energy, etc. It is a qualified supplier of Sinopec Group and China National Petroleum Corporation system network access, and a member of China Denitrification Industry Alliance.

Driven by scientific and technological innovation, the company's annual R & D investment accounts for more than 6.5%, and has applied for more than 40 patented technologies. The existing independent patented products can cover the denitrification needs under the conditions of low temperature from 150 ° C to high temperature flue gas at 600 ° C, and can provide high-efficiency integral molding catalysts with 50 holes, 60 holes and higher holes. After years of technical accumulation, the company has formed its own unique technical advantages in the field of denitrification catalysts, has rich technical reserves, and has mastered efficient and comprehensive denitrification catalyst production technology. The low temperature catalytic denitrification technology, medium temperature denitrification catalyst technology, high temperature denitrification catalyst technology, carbon monoxide removal technology, high temperature dust removal and denitrification integration technology and other technologies independently developed by the company have been successfully applied to iron and steel metallurgy, cement building materials, electric power, glass, biomass power generation and other industries, making the catalysts provided by the company to customers have many advantages such as good emission effect, low construction cost and operating cost.

At this industrial flue gas in-depth treatment summit forum, Aiyipu focused on promoting the integrated solution of high-temperature flue gas dust removal and denitrification. This technology is Aiyipu Environmental Protection. After in-depth research on the high-temperature dust removal and denitrification technology of cement kilns in recent years, it summarizes the technical advantages and disadvantages of the actual kiln tail firing system of the cement production line. It subverts the traditional process route of denitrification first, then dust removal and then desulfurization. The scheme of high-temperature dust removal and then gas pollutant treatment is adopted. After dust removal, the entire environmental protection system is in low dust. Operating under working conditions, the failure rate of environmental protection equipment is low, and the amount of catalyst is greatly reduced, and the service life can reach more than 5 years Replacement, and the rear waste heat boiler is running in a dust-free condition, the failure rate is reduced, and the waste heat utilization efficiency is greatly improved. The optimal use temperature of catalytic materials is above 300 ° C. The use of metal filtration breaks the limitation of traditional materials not resistant to temperature. Effective synergistic use of catalytic materials allows catalytic materials to perform perfectly. While ensuring that dust removal is as low as 5mg/m3 and denitrification efficiency is as high as 90%, the catalyst dosage and cost can be reduced by 80%. With the further enhancement of environmental protection policies and the further reduction of the emission indicators of the three major pollutants, the products of this project will have broad and huge market application value in environmental protection ultra-low emission projects in cement kilns, glass kilns, biomass boilers, waste incineration and other industries.

Aiyipu Environmental Protection is committed to providing customers with the most reliable, energy-saving and high-quality environmental protection products and technical services! In 2021, we will make persistent efforts and continue to write brilliance!