Xi'an Energy Group

Sep 08,2020


In August 2020, Shandong Aiyipu Environmental Protection Technology joint stock company and Shaanxi Gas Group New Energy Development joint stock company signed a high-temperature SCR denitrification catalyst supply contract to provide high-temperature denitrification catalysts for the company's natural gas distributed energy projects. The minimum operating temperature is 450 ° C, and the maximum operating temperature is 550 ° C. This is another high-temperature SCR denitrification project practice of Aiyipu after Nanjing Phoenix Data Center, Shanxi Gas Power Generation, and Beijing Qinghe Hospital flue gas high-temperature temperature SCR denitrification.

As the earliest high-tech enterprise engaged in the research and development of high-temperature SCR denitrification catalysts in the non-electrical field in China, the use effect of high-temperature denitrification catalysts is much higher than that of foreign counterparts. This project belongs to a catalyst replacement project. The catalyst was originally a 60-hole catalyst produced by a foreign enterprise. After one year of use, the catalyst loses its activity. After replacing the company's products, the flue gas reaches ultra-clean emission. At the same time, the catalyst produced by the company can be used for a long time within 550 ° C, avoiding the decline of catalyst activity caused by sintering of conventional catalysts.

As a new force in China's environmental protection industry, Aiyipu Environmental Protection, as a model of industry-university-research cooperation, integrates Tsinghua University's "self-improvement and virtue" and Nanjing University of Science and Technology's "unity, dedication, truth-seeking and innovation" behavioral spirit, adheres to the guidelines of "introduction, digestion, absorption and innovation", relying on scientific and technological progress, advancing with the times, and taking an important first step on the road to becoming a century-old enterprise.