Shanxi Taiyuan takes 47 measures to win the battle to defend the blue sky

Aug 28,2020

The reporter learned from a press conference held by the Taiyuan Municipal Government that Taiyuan City has issued the "Taiyuan City's 2020 Decisive Battle Plan for Winning the Blue Sky Defense War", which will optimize and adjust the industrial structure and layout, strengthen the control of loose coal and the in-depth management of gas boilers. Promote the greening of the transportation structure, consolidate and improve the level of dust pollution control, and effectively deal with heavily polluted weather. A total of 47 tasks are planned to be completed.

In order to optimize and adjust the industrial structure and layout, Taiyuan City will promote the optimization and adjustment of the structure of heavy pollution industries, promote the comprehensive rectification of "scattered pollution" enterprises, increase the upgrading and transformation of existing parks, implement ultra-low emission transformation of the steel industry with high standards, and promote the whole process. There are 6 measures including comprehensive control of air pollution from industrial furnaces and volatile organic compounds, and strengthening the management of pollutant discharge permits.

Relying on the construction of the Qingxu Fine Chemical Recycling Industrial Park project, Taiyuan City will complete the coke oven gas source replacement work by the end of September, and Taiyuan City will shut down and phase out the 4.3-meter machine coke oven and clean heat recovery coke oven by the end of October. Before the end of September, Taiyuan Stainless Steel joint stock company completed the ultra-low emission acceptance work, and Shanxi Meijin Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. fully completed the ultra-low emission transformation of organized, unorganized, and clean transportation of bulk materials. Taiyuan City will continue to promote the comprehensive treatment of industrial furnaces and kilns, accelerate the clean and low-carbon replacement of kiln fuels in foundry and other industries, support the transformation funds for those who have completed the transformation first, and encourage cement enterprises to implement ultra-low emission transformation. Taiyuan City will carry out comprehensive control of air pollution from volatile organic compounds, and complete targeted rectification of key industries by the end of June.

In terms of strengthening the control of loose coal and the in-depth management of gas-fired boilers, Taiyuan City will continue to implement three measures, including clean heating transformation and clean fuel substitution, establishing a long-term management mechanism for clean heating, and in-depth comprehensive management of gas-fired boilers. The key tasks are: continue to implement clean heating transformation, complete the transformation work by the end of September, and strive to reach 85% of the coverage rate of rural clean heating transformation in Taiyuan City. Establish a long-term operation supervision mechanism, strive to complete the construction of a municipal-level clean heating use supervision platform by the end of September, and continuously improve the actual utilization rate of "coal-to-electricity" and "coal-to-gas". Taiyuan City will carry out clean heating "looking back", complete the rectification by the end of September, ensure that the pipe network is truly in the home, carry out comprehensive treatment of gas boilers in depth, and complete the renovation work by the end of September.

In terms of promoting the greening of the transportation structure, Taiyuan City will promote five measures, including "track-to-rail", strengthening pollution control of diesel trucks, continuing to carry out quality sampling inspection of vehicle oil products, accelerating the upgrading of motor vehicle structures, and strengthening supervision of non-road mobile machinery. The key tasks are: In 2020, the railway freight volume in Taiyuan City will increase by 15 million tons compared with 2017. Strengthen the pollution control of diesel trucks, and complete the task requirements for the construction of a national remote online monitoring system for heavy-duty diesel vehicles. By the end of 2020, fully complete the task of eliminating operating diesel trucks with national emission standards of National III and below. According to the plan, the renewal of the stock sanitation operation vehicles will be gradually realized, which will be jointly undertaken by the finance at the two levels in Taiyuan City, and will be basically replaced with new energy vehicles before the end of the year.

In terms of consolidating and improving the level of dust pollution control, Taiyuan City will vigorously implement four measures, including land greening projects, promoting comprehensive renovation of open-pit mines, strengthening comprehensive dust control, and continuing to carry out dust pollution prevention and control. The key task is to start the relocation of Dongshan Limestone Mine of TISCO Mining Branch. Deepen the comprehensive renovation of construction sites and implement "sunshine transportation". Strengthen the cleaning of urban roads and carry out a large-scale cleaning of the whole city. Accelerate the promotion of dust reduction and dust removal, and strive to complete the rectification by the end of July.

In terms of effectively responding to heavily polluted weather, Taiyuan City will make every effort to promote two measures, including autumn and winter prevention and response to heavily polluted weather. The key task is to complete the evaluation of the implementation of the emergency emission reduction list for heavily polluted weather in autumn and winter 2019-2020 by the end of June, and implement differentiated management of emergency emission reduction. Scientifically formulate a comprehensive action plan for "autumn and winter prevention" for 2020-2021. Strengthen the construction of forecasting and forecasting capabilities, implement staggered production in heavily polluted industries, and strictly implement emergency emission reduction measures for heavy pollution.